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Film, Sound & Video

Singapore’s most distinctive and sought-after filmmaking course, Film, Sound & Video (FSV) is a course for aspiring filmmakers who yearn to create content to raise social awareness, uplift communities or to simply share inspiring stories.

Surrounding the pre-production to post-production work of the film industry, students learn to stretch their imagination to tell compelling stories and bring their works to life using a wide array of filmmaking tools, industry standard equipment and the latest post-production facilities.


Advanced Production

Advanced Production Capstone Project is learner-centric in nature and harnesses the students’ ability to contribute, learn and reflect within a cooperative group work environment. It leverages off the various modules the students have taken, with the lecturers acting as mentors, facilitators, and resource custodians in allowing the group to achieve their objective of creating their films. This provides an opportunity to students who have mastered the fundamental technical principles and practices of filmmaking, to explore their creative and technical knowledge by applying their skills and abilities in all aspects of film production, from start to end.

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Project Title

From 65+ With Love

“In search of a better tomorrow, a single mother leaves her family behind to serve as a maid in a distant land.” From +65 is a profile documentary about Auntie Beverly, who has been working as a domestic helper in Singapore since 2005. As the sole breadwinner of her household, Auntie Beverly left home early to financially provide for her children and aging mother. Due to the time spent abroad, her children grew up not knowing who their mother was.

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Portrait Picture of Xie Quang Long, Director of From 65+ With Love.

Xie Quang Long


As an aspiring Director, this project has reinvigorated my passion for filmmaking. It started off as just another documentary for a school assignment, but it eventually grew into an intimate conversation with Auntie Beverly. Here, I got to learn more about her as a person. As we talked, I started to look past her labels. She was no longer just a domestic helper; but simply a fellow human being, with her own struggles to overcome and her own story to tell. I think the first roadblock to empathy is the invisible line of division that we’ve imposed upon ourselves, and through this project, I’ve witnessed how filmmaking can be used as a tool to clear up that imaginary blockade.

Portrait Picture of Avril Ang, Producer of From 65+ With Love.

Avril Ang


As individuals, we live in a tiny capsule of our own experiences. Although we spawn on the same planet as a human being, our capsules can be so different. It’s kinda nice to have a peek into other people’s capsules. Throughout the process of making our film, I got to see a part of Auntie Beverly’s world and how her experiences molded her into who she is. The world truly becomes much bigger when you see past yourself.

Portrait Picture of Mannuela, Art Director of From 65+ With Love.

Mannuela Koh

Art Director

I have lived with Aunty Bev for so long, and yet I learnt so much more about her story during this short production time than the past few years. Not only was this a school project or a personal passion project I was lucky enough to do, it was a realisation and lesson. Through this project, I realised how lucky we all are to be able to stay with our families at home, have our parents with us to watch us grow, and how some people take domestic helpers for granted. If there’s one thing I love about filmmaking, it’s the power it holds to tell a story, teach a lesson and inspire people. Seeing the struggles she overcame, the bond she still has with her family back home and her fighting spirit through it all, it touched my heart and I really hope it will touch yours.

Team Members

Director: Xie Quang Long
Producer: Avril Ang
Art Director: Mannuela Koh
Director of Photography: Tela Gian Francis
Writer: Yang Xin Yi
Editor: Nurain Amin
Sound Designer: Tan Li Jing


Capstone Production

In their final year, students are given a chance to apply the skills and knowledge gained by forming teams and embarking on various projects that showcases the skills and abilities they gained through the years at FMS.

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Project Title


The film takes on the form of a triptych. The film follows Lily, at a young age, full of life and curiosity, she is in awe of adulthood and excited for the life ahead, and to grow up. We journey with her over the next three stages – Neonate, Metamorphosis & Lepidoptera.

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Portrait Picture of Azina Bte Abdul Nizar, Director of Chrysalis.

Azina Bte Abdul Nizar


Chrysalis is an artistic take on the concept of trauma and how it follows through our lives. I think the greatest challenge in this production is taking the road less travelled. However doing so is ultimately what makes us grow as filmmakers.

Team Members

Azina Bte Abdul Nizar
Jordyn Lim

Project Title

Budget Director

A comedy drama about a skilled director who sets out to enter into a film festival competition. The only obstacle? He’s on a budget; and a very tight one in fact.

Storyboard of Budget Director on a foolscap paper.
Ideas and thoughts of Budget Director on a foolscap paper. Character sketches of Budget Director on a foolscap paper.
Story flow of Budget Director on a foolscap paper.
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Portrait Picture of Mannuela Koh, Writer of Budget Director.

Mannuela Koh


You might ask me, why would I choose to write a feature length screenplay instead of making a short film like everyone else? Good question. I don't know either! But I do know that if writing is my passion, and the direction I want to venture into upon graduating, this is the best opportunity to try something I've never done before.

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